Things I think about in the shower

by reestheskin on 14/09/2016

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  1. How much can you learn on your own, and how much do you need a teacher or coach for.
  2. What taxonomy can we use to think about what you can, and what you cannot learn without a teacher or coach.
  3. How do we think about ‘just-in-time’ and ‘foundational’ material, knowing that foundational usually isn’t (it is the moral hazard of teachers and institutions — or their business model).
  4. There is a literature on ‘transference’ of domain knowledge. But my suspicion is that much knowledge about ‘how hospitals or GPs work’ transfers well. There is a lot of redundancy.
  5. Why are we so obsessed with lengthening training, and making students do lots of detours.
  6. Sage on the stage, or Hollywood, in terms of production values and strategy
  7. The inefficiencies of our medical teaching are now borne by our students’ wallets.
  8. Why did anybody ever think postgraduate training had much to do with undergraduate medical education.
  9. Strict competency frameworks will destroy medical schools’ business models
  10. There should be more than ten things to think about.