A picture tells a story.

by reestheskin on 02/02/2022

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More than one actually.

Shurely shum mishtake

by reestheskin on 29/09/2021

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From today’s FT online. A moment’s hesitation. Who is this fed guy?

A timely heading.

by reestheskin on 02/06/2021

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From today’s New York Times.


by reestheskin on 29/03/2021

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I clicked on a link, and then saw this.

Utter despair
Utter despair

In the year of the plague 1666

by reestheskin on 03/08/2020

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I procured me a Triangular glass-Prisme, to try therewith the celebrated Phenomena of Colours. And in order thereto having darkened my chamber and made a small hole in my window-shuts, to let in a convenient quantity of the Suns light…but I surprised to see them in an oblong form; which, according to the received laws of Refraction, I expected should have been circular.

Well, Isaac Newton obviously had better functioning shutters than my bedroom blackout blinds. Most summer mornings (which at this latitude last much of the night…) I receive — without choice — lessons in physics 101. Here are some iPhone shots from this morning. The quote says a lot about science: note the terms, convenient quantity, surprised and expected.

 Breakfast reading

The Lancet as breakfast reading. Not a medical meeting, just a nice hotel in the Middle East.


by reestheskin on 29/08/2019

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Summer flight

by reestheskin on 26/07/2019

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Not so much a jet plane, but I don’t know  exactly when I will be back either.


The information society

by reestheskin on 27/05/2019

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This is a little old, but I snapped it as I was passing through a hospital. It speaks volumes about the state of learning and engagement in the NHS.


by reestheskin on 30/01/2019

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Seen in George Square. I get the Econ101 bit, the 1984 reference, but… And no, I can’t manage crosswords either — although I shared a flat with somebody who, as a student, refused to leave his bed until he had completed the Telegraph crossword. There were studies, and then those other studies.

Skin centre

by reestheskin on 30/01/2019

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Not that sort of….

Let us change your skin

by reestheskin on 29/12/2017

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Just thinking of the New Year resolutions. Let us change your skin…and empty your wallets.

Philosophy 101

by reestheskin on 27/12/2017

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When is a wheelbarrow a chair?

Old university towns

by reestheskin on 27/10/2017

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I always find there is something appealing about old university towns. I am in Uppsala, a city I have visited for work on many occasions. Seems so small, and yet in reality it is Sweden’s fourth largest city. I was speaking at a mini-symposium on academic publishing, and how tech fits into the world of teaching clinical medicine.  But there is always some time to enjoy the sights— even as the days draw in. 

Somewhere else, for a few days

by reestheskin on 18/09/2017

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Edtech redux

by reestheskin on 25/10/2016

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Blackboards, school buses, Nissen huts, and the pencil (via John Naughton, with original link here). Sadly, you have to invest time and effort in learning how to use it  — so little to recommend to the multitaskers


Spray on blocking

by reestheskin on 14/09/2016

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I had seen spray on tans but…

spray on sunblock

Students are not fish

by reestheskin on 26/08/2016

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This is such a brilliant graphic from an article by Doc Searls posted on Medium and here.  A sort of universal metaphor (recursion intended) for universities, education and much else. Data rich, attention limited.

doc searls

doc searls



Causes of death

by reestheskin on 06/03/2016

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Nice graphic over at Lots of other great graphics, too.

One terrifying graph.

by reestheskin on 28/06/2015

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This is via Andy Fugard on twitter, and is based on official data for consultation rates in GP. Just look at the raw number of consultations per person. In the area of medicine I know something about, with the increased ‘dumping’ of patients from secondary care to primary care, these numbers should be — and need to  be— a lot higher. This is a system that is unworkable, and broken; and where the NHS is content to rearrange the deckchairs as the ship sinks. Tweaks around the edges will make no difference. Nor should anybody be surprised: these demographic changes were taught to me by John Grimley Evans in my first term at med school almost 40 years ago. Do not ask why students are getting coy about careers in general practice. Nobody in Westminster or Edinburgh has any idea what to do. (median, 25th and 75th percentiles, by sex). Remember: there is nothing unexpected going on here.




Clouds against cancer

by reestheskin on 08/06/2015

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Well, after struggling with that bloody paperclip for years, I am not too optimistic. But do we really have to live in a world infested with such advertising?

microsoft advert


Fail. Fail again. Fail better.

by reestheskin on 29/04/2015

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Seems to be my daughter’s motto too. Although Fintan O’Toole puts a deeper meaning on what Beckett meant.

fail again lizzy


Bullshit, all over again

by reestheskin on 27/04/2015

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Well, when was the exam?

by reestheskin on 21/01/2015

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Access to skincancer909 Well, when was the exam?



Learning analytics

by reestheskin on 17/11/2014

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Pattern of access to my online material. The exams are held three times per year, but I think you can see that.

views of skincancer909

Why do textbooks cost so much?

by reestheskin on 20/08/2014

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From an article in the Economist.

So which do you teach?

by reestheskin on 11/08/2014

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This is from an article in the NYT on Apple and learning. So which do you teach in your medical course?



Downtime? Or the dermatologist’s Cretan paradox

by reestheskin on 14/07/2014

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The dermatologist's Cretan paradox

The student is always wrong.

by reestheskin on 04/06/2014

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And the other ten?

by reestheskin on 21/05/2014

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