Worth a glance #8

by reestheskin on 01/03/2015

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Ugly word, but true: massification and higher education. “India, China, Brazil, Nigeria, Russia, Pakistan, Indonesia, the United States and the United Kingdom together enrol more than half of the world’s higher education students.” Follow the money, if you want to know what will happen.

The Compleat lecturer, by the Baron of Jesmond, an article on how to lecture, and a defence of lecturing. I agree with much of it, but the issue is few have the intellectual skills — or integrity — of the Baron. For much of medicine, lectures are a shambles. Another article that talks sense about lecturing, from Patrick Henry Winston.But then if you read the MIT view of teaching, you will realise how shallow much of the higher education world is. And while we are at it, can we reconsider the ppt handouts.

Basic stats or research methods: beware of ratios. An article suggesting that people are being blinded by sex ratios and an apparent higher participation by women in some domains, when what is happening is that men are withdrawing. Seems about right.

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