Worth a glance #22

by reestheskin on 17/09/2015

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No money for ice for drinking water. I got this via my brother. When you have a health care system that works like this, you don’t have a health care system. Period. The other question for us academics, is to open up all that data suggesting that centres of excellence are not centres of excellence. Any dissociation, sinks us — or is hypocrisy. I seem to remember saying something similar at an interview awhile back.

The budget-cutters are coming – and research has no place to hide. Well, I do not know, but short termism is not just for the banks. Alison Wolf (not the author of this cited article) talks a lot of sense, and her view is that Higher Ed finances do not have a very rosy future over the next decade.

Claus Moser, statistician and culture-lover, died on September 4th, aged 92. I have a soft spot here, as it was Moser and Kalton’s book, Survey Methods in Social Investigation, that was my bible for survey research [when I was taught these things]. The article highlights that whilst he certainly did not think of himself as a mathematical statistician, I loved the discipline about sampling he preached, and how without it, your inferences are limited. Not that many medical educationalists seem to be too worried about such niceties.

Blackcurrant tango commercial.I got this via Bruce Charlton. Now that is what I call funny.