Worth a glance #21

by reestheskin on 31/08/2015

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Innovation as Discipline, Not Fad.

Former head of china’s genome powerhouse starts new chapter. I just find this sort of thing silly. Just me?

Obstacles to developing cost-lowering health tech. The Innovators dilemma. The problem that is not going away. See Jack Scannell and eroom’s law. Cost matters, and we fund research as though it does’t. The result is yet more subsidies to corporations that increasingly resemble banks; and a failure to promote real innovation.

The benefits of a liberal education do not go out of date. I always wonder what to make of the fact that most UK medics do not do other degrees first. I tend to think medicine is, in large part, a liberal art.

The end of the internet dream. Jennifer Granick talk at Blackhat. The battle is not lost. Yet.

US education is a $1.5 trillion industry and growing at 5 percent annually. On the face of it, those figures warrant attention from investors.’ As Dylan Wiliam tweeted:’ McKinsey’s latest report—Capitalists preparing to plunder education or a much-needed source of investment? You decide.’