Worth a glance #10

by reestheskin on 14/03/2015

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New private university for Hereford. Good.

The business of paying for undergraduate education. And politics.

Welfare for the corporations. Just remember this when the government tell you how much they spend on science and research.

Nice talk by John Naughton at UCC. Most of what I know about this little device called the Internet, I learned from his blog and his books (here and here). Took me awhile to realise it was the same guy I used to read in the Listener as a TV critic. As Conor Cruse O’Brien said: an academic and a journalist, ‘one foot in either grave’.

MOOCs are closed platforms…and probably doomed, by Daniel Lemire. So, sort of, were our biological ancestors.

Reinventing MIT education.

Incidentolomas, put to music.

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