What’s in a name?

by reestheskin on 03/02/2021

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Metabolic surgery versus conventional therapy in type 2 diabetes – The Lancet

I like the parlour game of inventing collective nouns for doctors — a ganglion of neurologists, a scab of dermatologists, and so on— and I also cannot help but smile when Mr Butcher turns out to be, well, a surgeon, and Lord Brain is a…. You get it.

I saw this article when I was skimming through the Lancet the other week, and something tweaked in my mind from long-back.

Metabolic surgery versus conventional therapy in type 2 diabetes. Alexander D Miras & Carel W le Roux

A few more details:… “report their trial in which they randomly assigned patients to metabolic surgery or medical therapy for type 2 diabetes.1 60 white European patients (32 [53%] women) were evaluated 10 years after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB), biliopancreatic diversion (BPD), or conventional medical therapy.

Now, I suspect the name Roux is not rare but of course checking with Wikipedia, I can remind you:

César Roux – Wikipedia

César Roux (23 March 1857, in Mont-la-Ville – 21 December 1934, in Lausanne) was a Swiss surgeon, who described the Roux-en-Y procedure.

No relation to Ross-on-Wye.