Welfare for the rich corporations: pharma threaten NHS with lawsuits

by reestheskin on 08/01/2015

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So, let me get this right. The NHS wants to stop buying certain drugs from pharma, because they think the benefits do not merit the expense. Now, I regularly buy goods from Waitrose. On review, and after discussing the benefits of the various items with my family, I decide to stop buying the goods. (I had never entered into any long term contract). They just don’t seem worth it anymore. Waitose are not impressed, and say that they spent a lot of money stocking their shelves with said items, together with the 40% of their costs they spend on advertising and wining and dining doctors. They want a judicial review to force me to keep buying their goods. More of Galbraith’s ‘Welfare for the rich’, with tax payers subsidising businesses that can’t innovate in the marketplace. FT report here

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