Thoughts crossing in the night

by reestheskin on 01/12/2016

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I am at the OEB16 meeting in Berlin. As ever, thoughts cross. If you go around the stands you have to ask about the relation between learning — a personal act — and all that you can sell to go with it. Software, hardware etc. And you have to wonder about the balance of goods and dreams.

Marcia Angell reviews Alice Gopnik’s ‘The Gardener and the Carpenter’ in the NYRB (November 2016)

‘Among the book’s strengths is that Gopnik leaves no doubt about where she stands on the peculiarly American way of leaving families on their own in an increasingly unequal society. “Middle-class parents are consumed by the pressure to acquire parenting expertise,” she writes.

(Gopnik quoted text)

“They spend literally billions of dollars on parenting advice and equipment. But at the same time, the social institutions of the US, the genre at originator and epicenter of parenting, provide less support to children that those of any other developed country. The US, where all those parenting books are sold, also has the highest rates of infant mortality and child poverty in he developed world.”