There is no educational solution without IT

by reestheskin on 13/09/2015

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“It’s not just about technology.”

“What matters is the underlying pedagogy.”

“You can’t beat one-to-one human interaction.”

“It’s all a fad.”

“It’s just the attempt of the now not so nascent ed-tech industry commercialise and take over highered.”

“Its all about privatisation, and reducing pay and conditions of academics.”

“Fundamentals of learning haven’t changed for 200 (2000?) years.”

“When was technological advancement last useful? The abacus, paper, Gutenberg, the blackboard, the school bus…”

Well, I think all of the above have some truth to them. But I think change in highed and teaching (as well as learning) will depend heavily on tech. It is not all that matters, but it is central. As are costs. It is just that as Nicolas Carr pointed out of business many years ago, the comparative advantage of tech or IT will only be there early on. After that, it is a utility, like electricity.

What I think: “What we do offline, will depend on what we do online.”