The QAA….

by reestheskin on 18/06/2016

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Quotes from the THE on the topic of QAA and Oxford.

‘Oxford students have long been known to be among the hardest working in the UK, with analysis conducted by Times Higher Education in 2013 suggesting that undergraduates on many courses at the institution were dedicating more than 40 hours a week to their studies, on average, double what their peers at other universities might do.’

‘Oxford students taking courses in historical and philosophical studies spent an average of 41 hours a week studying, compared with 19.3 at Northumbria University, while in biological sciences, Oxford students’ average workload of 40.3 hours compared with 20.2 hours at the University of Portsmouth.’

This is a problem apparently for Oxford.

The next article in headed: “Dozens of QAA jobs ‘at risk’”

You could not make this stuff up.