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The rental business for student accommodation

by reestheskin on 21/02/2016

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From an article in this week’s Economist:

  • 1:4 students live in purpose built halls of residence
  • in 2006, 82% were owned by universities; the figure is now 59%
  • private halls are 40% more expensive
  • London rent average is £220 per week ( in digs in 1978, in Newcastle,
  • I paid a rent of £1:85 per week, although the building  was subsequently condemned)
  • private halls have increased their rents by 20% since 2012.
  • ‘UCL have put up rents by 56%’ since 2009 (UCL put the figure at 40%)


The education bubble

by reestheskin on 15/09/2014

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