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Teaching the Jesuit way

by reestheskin on 26/08/2014

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I cannot help but wonder if we really have forgotten things,  or are just choosing to ignore what we know to be true.

“The teacher was to begin each lesson with a praelectio (a “pre-reading”) in which he offered an overview of the content, explained difficult words, and raised some of the important issues to be discussed. The students were enjoined to “be regular in going to the lectures, diligent in preparing for them beforehand, in repeating them afterwards, in asking about points they do not understand, and in noting down what may be useful to assist the memory later on.” At the end of each day’s lesson an exercitatio was held, in which the students were examined on the material they had learned that day; this served as a review and an opportunity for the students to practice using the knowledge they had just gained.”

Struggling toward Success: Jesuit Education in Italy, 1540-1600. Christopher Carlsmith, History of Education Quarterly, Vol. 42, No. 2 (Summer, 2002), pp. 215-246