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It’s tough agreeing with Bill Gates

by reestheskin on 30/07/2014

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“We have to deliver value, and we’ve got to measure that value, and really adjusting the resources so we’re doing that well is a mission for you, the business officers of the colleges and universities. You’re the ones charged with fiscal management, and that has huge impact on every aspect of the student’s experience. On the quality of instruction, the availability of financial aid, the physical plant, the support systems. All of those are trade-offs that the financial model drives. My key message today is that that model will be under challenge. And so, instead of tuning it to find 3 percent here or 4 percent there, which has been the story in the past, there will be dramatic changes. … The role of the business officer won’t be just finding that last little tuning, or getting the reports done. It will be to get in the center of the strategy, working with the educational leaders, the effectiveness measures, and figuring out how those goals and the financial numbers come together.”

It’s tough agreeing with Bill Gates.