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Design and medical education (part 1)

by reestheskin on 15/01/2014

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I didn’t understand  what the word design meant until I read Herb Simon’s ‘Sciences of the Artificial’. I don’t mean this literally of course. I knew architects designed buildings, and graphic artists coloured the world I lived in. Painters painted. Musicians composed. Quavers got ordered. Colour got rearranged. But mainly I saw the world in terms of taking it apart. I lived in a largely man-made world, but was invisible to how it was done. When my eyes opened in the morning, it was all there,just like the birds. I remember, when I was a student at Newcastle University, a friend from school, who was supposed to be studying fine art, taking advantage of cheap student rates to go to the cinema on a Wednesday afternoon. He would watch the same film again and again. Over and over. I didn’t really understand what was going on. The only film I had watched repeatedly in one sitting was “Let it be’ by the Beatles ( in the Cardiff Odeon I think). Now to anybody of my generation watching the Beatles time and time again, does not appear so strange. But why watch film X again and again? Surely you knew the plot and, unless the film fulfilled some sort of comfort role, what was the point. You knew what was going to happen. (But music?).
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