Reflecting on tick boxing

by reestheskin on 11/10/2016

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They are qualified practitioners called on to make life-and-death decisions in conditions often far from ideal; simultaneously, they are treated rather as children at school, obliged to tick boxes to show progression, document feedback on performance, demonstrate written evidence of reflection, and comply with burdensome bureaucracy. Their protest is both an expression of breaking point frustration with their training and a clarion call to the country to wake up and recognise the true state of the nation’s health services.

From Neena Modi, President of the UK Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.

None of the above is surprising or not widely thought. It is just that untruth has been deemed more important than truth in postgraduate medical education. Politics reigns. BTW written reflection continues to be the bullshit canary in the colliery of medical education.