I don’t want to write scientific papers. Can silicon make it in biology?

by reestheskin on 02/10/2014

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The FT runs a story about a 18 year old Polish schoolgirl who has—whilst still at school — has come up with a way to target doxorubicin to tumour cells (the drug is attached to gold nano particles, within nano fibres, used in surgery). The work was done as part of a summer fellowship at the University of Warsaw. The article says that the Marie Curie Institute in Warsaw is giving her space to continue the work. The article ends:

Ms Jurek, who has still one more year of high school to complete not to mention university, has ambitions beyond the lab. In particular, she would like to develop her own product and set up a company to manufacture and sell her cancer treatment at an affordable price. “I don’t want to write scientific papers and hope for someone with means to pick up my research and invest in it. I want to have the means to apply the research myself,” she says. 

How the world changes — and can change. I wonder if silicon can make it in biology.

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