Hot desking and form filling.

by reestheskin on 18/03/2015

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Well yes, I am still moaning about having to spend all that time on a compulsory and badly designed health and safety e-learning package (why e-learning, anyway?). Well, here is nice quote to cheer me up:

The firm that insisted staff complete an ergonomic checklist and declaration when they moved desks, then introduced ‘hot desking’ such that everyone spent 20 minutes a day filling out forms.

Also in this report, was the following—more serious if you work in Higher Education:

….rules included regulations requiring universities – which already face a $280-million-a-year compliance burden – having to report in detail to the federal government about how they use their lecture theatres, tutorial halls and academic offices.

The figures are for Australia and the report is here. Although I am somewhat puzzled, since it is authored by Deloitte, and I thought silly  rules were what their business was all about?

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