First there are the university fees, then the tuition fees…

by reestheskin on 27/05/2014

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I always thought it was disheartening (understated, I know, but polite) that parents pay say 10K per year for private schooling, and then sometimes pay for tutors for their children after school. It is not irrational—if you want to pay 10K , why not pay 12K and spread the cost between two types of coaches. But it somehow seemed to say something about the value of the first 10K.

Now I see that some medical students are effectively doing the same. They pay fees to the University, and then feel the need to pay additional monies to various commercial companies who provide them with either  clinical practice or MCQs. I don’t know how many students pay for this sort of additional tuition, nor how valuable it is. But when medical student education is running at 20K/40K per year, I am, as I say, disheartened. Anybody know more than me in terms of numbers and value?

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