Faculty do not have the time to teach..

by reestheskin on 11/09/2016

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Interesting article about US medical students complaining about their national licensing exams. I think the students have  some very valid points. Some quotes:

Dr. Peter Katsufrakis, the senior vice president of the National Board of Medical Examiners, agreed that the exam isn’t difficult, but pointed out that 871 students did fail it in the 2013-14 academic year. Besides, he said, most medical school faculty don’t have time to observe third- and fourth-year students doing a complete physical exam, so it’s important to test those skills as part of the licensing process. [emphasis added]


The National Board of Medical Examiners doesn’t give feedback to test takers — in part because that would be expensive and in part because it would make it too easy for students to cheat by sharing their feedback forms, which would likely contain hints about the specific scenarios being tested, Katsufrakis said.

Well, we have a new angle on Shaw’s ‘conspiracy against the laity’.