Bio-medical careers, and yeast.

by reestheskin on 27/06/2014

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Q:What made you decide to go from brewing as a hobby to brewmeister as a career?

A:Eventually, every postdoc has to decide, “What are you going to do?” Janelia Farm is a very prestigious institution, so people often get very good jobs afterward. But I wanted to do something else. I saw people around me who were all very stressed. It was just very hard for them to get these papers published, as it was for me. I had been scooped many times, competing with people outside and maybe even inside the institution. And I was like, “This is not something I would like to do forever.” I thought, “Maybe I can just take my success with yeast and get some experience at this brewery, and then take that experience and maybe move somewhere else in the future.”

Jasper Akerboom in  Science

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