Increased income per student, and decreased staff-student ratios

Oct 05, 2013




One of the most telling of Rich deMillo’s insights into US universities is how a 1$ research outlay, costs an institution 2.5$. The difference—1.5$— has to come from somewhere. In some instances this will be endowment funds, but in others it will be money allocated for teaching. I do not know of comparable figures for the UK, nor UK medicine in particular. Medicine is complicated, and messy. Funding streams come from both NHS, HEFCE and students, and research is dominated by charities that do not pay overheads. The massive growth in research funding, and postgraduate courses, all influence the resource per student of undergraduate teaching. Here is a piece that touches on this from Cananda, showing how funding per student can apparently increase, whilst at the same time, staff-student ratios drop. (via Stephen Downes)

Post by Jonathan Rees

Clinical academic and skin watcher at the University of Edinburgh

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