Most freckles per square inch adult category…

Well, who says there isn’t enough quantification in biology and medicine. The quotes below are from ‘The Southern Star’, a journal not to be missed if you want to move in fashionable circles in West Cork (sent by my sister in law, Sue, who lives in a Welsh castle close to Castletownsend).

Most freckles per square inch adult category, Stephen Campbell, Donegal, and Drusilla Busceni Philadelphia. Most freckles per square inch juniors, Daniel Walsh, Carrigaline, Aoife Hynes, Garretsown.

One of the other categories, is of course no surprise to those of us she had to share beds with literally it seemed dozens of cousins as little kids: Largest Redhead Family (The Reap family, 3 carloads all the way from Mayo.)

But to end on a serious note, I and Eugene Healy and others published a paper yonks ago in which Eugene had to count freckles (you see a nice relation with MC1R status, with a clear heterozygote effect if I remember correctly).

Post by Jonathan Rees

Clinical academic and skin watcher at the University of Edinburgh

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