Student debt

May 13, 2012




Lots on this topic this all over the place at the moment. Another bubble, with much of the UK falling in behind. This quote is from the the NYT today.

College marketing firms encourage school officials to focus on the value of the education rather than the cost. For example, an article on the cover of Enrollment Management, a newsletter aimed at college admissions officials, urged writers of admissions materials to “avoid bad words like ‘cost,’ ‘pay’ (try ‘and you get all this for…’), ‘contract’ and ‘buy’ in your piece and avoid the conflicting feelings they generate.”

“There are direct marketing ‘words’ that can make or break your piece,” the article, published in 2009, added.

The figure I have seen, but have forgotten where, is that student debt is now larger than credit card debt. The questions remain the same: what value is there in much higher education,  what type of value is it, and who should pay for it?

Post by Jonathan Rees

Clinical academic and skin watcher at the University of Edinburgh

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