Why testing is so valuable

Apr 29, 2012




This (from the NYT) is about schooling in the US but note now that the UK  Royal Colleges use Pearson to deliver some of their testing. Medical exams, driving tests, its all the same….

The state education commissioner, John King, announced that the questions would not count in the official test scores. There was no comment from the test author. That would be Pearson, the world’s largest for-profit education business, which has a $32 million five-year contract to produce New York standardized tests.

Now — finally — we have tumbled into my central point. We have turned school testing into a huge corporate profit center, led by Pearson, for whom $32 million is actually pretty small potatoes. Pearson has a five-year testing contract with Texas that’s costing the state taxpayers nearly half-a-billion dollars.

This is the part of education reform nobody told you about. You heard about accountability, and choice, and innovation. But when No Child Left Behind was passed 11 years ago, do you recall anybody mentioning that it would provide monster profits for the private business sector?

Post by Jonathan Rees

Clinical academic and skin watcher at the University of Edinburgh

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