The decline of the professional schools

Apr 25, 2012


medicine, research


A post from John Naughton on Peter Checkland set me thinking and searching for an old quote from Herb Simon. I wrote an article in PLoS many years ago around this theme, and the quote from Simon still seems so perceptive about what has happened to the professional schools such as Medicine.

More and more, business schools were becoming school of operations research, engineering schools were becoming schools of applies physics and math, and medical schools were becoming schools of biochemistry and molecular biology. Professional skills were disappearing from the faculties.

…they did not fit the general norms of what is properaly considered academic. As a result, they were gradually squeezed out of professional schools to enhance respectability in the eyes of academic colleagues.

Models of my life.   Herb Simon


Post by Jonathan Rees

Clinical academic and skin watcher at the University of Edinburgh

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