Oct 18, 2011




Ian Dunn, a pro-vice chancellor at Coventry University, and one of the directors of the new university college, said: “The changes to higher education in 2012 mean everything needs to be re-thought. Many students will want to continue with the full university experience, the lifestyle experience, but there are increasing numbers of students who already have a part-time job, during their A-levels they’ve started work at a supermarket. This is about fitting their education around their lifestyle.”

Dunn said that students will be guaranteed 20 hours of “contact time” a week, 18 hours of tuition in a group of 25 and two hours in a group of five. The pace of study will be up to them and students will able to pay as they go between 6 week blocks of study. A degree can be completed in less than two years or spread out over a much longer period.


Post by Jonathan Rees

Clinical academic and skin watcher at the University of Edinburgh

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