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On this page there is video support material for ed.derm.101: core diseases. The most up to date version of the pdf you can download is on my main teaching page here. (There is a version number and date on the bottom of the cover page).

The videos below are on topics relevant to ed.derm.101: core diseases. I start off with some ‘…in five minutes videos’; then there are some short explanatory videos. After this, there are a few ‘lecture voiceovers’. Finally there are (very) short videos for most chapters in ed.derm.101: core diseases. These latter videos are simply referred to as “What is this chapter about”. They are designed to be an aperitif before the main course (i.e the text, and image links).


‘In five minutes’
Acne in five minutes (Chapter 2)
Eczema in five minutes (Chapter 4)
Psoriasis in five minutes (Chapter 1)

Explanatory videos
Why does psoriasis sometimes look white? (Chapter 1)
Antihistamines and eczema: confused? (Chapter 4)
Problems with gloves? (Chapter 4)

Voiceover lectures
Psoriasis 1 (part 1 of a two part PowerPoint lecture) (Chapter 1)
Psoriasis 2 (part 2 of a two part PowerPoint lecture) (Chapter 1)
Acne (Powerpoint style lecture) (Chapter 2)

Q&A video
There are a few Q&A simple videos — they are exactly the same as the relevant SoundCloud audio tracks.
Chapter 1: Q&A Psoriasis
Chapter 2: Q&A Acne
Chapter 3: Q&A Urticaria
Chapter 4: Q&A Dermatitis

“What is this chapter about?” videos
These are provided for chapters 4-17 inclusive. You can also see all of the “What is the chapter about?” videos as an album on Vimeo.

Acne in five minutes

Eczema in five minutes

Psoriasis in five minutes

Why does psoriasis sometimes look white? (<3 mins)

Antihistamines and eczema. Confused? (4 mins)

Problems with gloves? (5 mins)

Chapter 1: Psoriasis lecture part 1 (30 mins)

Chapter 1: Psoriasis lecture part 2 ( 21 mins)

Chapter 1: Q&A psoriasis.

Chapter 2: acne lecture (32 mins)

Chapter 2: Q&A Acne

Chapter 3: Q&A Urticaria

Chapter 4: Dermatitis

Chapter 4: Q&A Dermatitis

Chapter 5: Blisters (part 1)

Chapter 5: Q&A Blisters (part 1)

Chapter 6: Blisters (part 2)

Chapter 6: Q&A Blisters (part 2)

Chapter 7: Vasculitis+

Chapter 8: Photosensitivity

Chapter 9: Drug reactions

Chapter 10: Pigmentary disorders

Chapter 11: Facial rashes

Chapter 12: Ragbag

Chapter 13: Infections and infestations

Chapter 14: Skin disease and the mind

Chapter 15: Pregnancy and the skin

Chapter 16: Hair disorders

Chapter 17: Skin and internal disease

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